You are currently viewing Thanksgiving Real Estate Story 2020 Episode 004

Thanksgiving Real Estate Story 2020 Episode 004

Episode 4: Thanksgiving Real Estate Story 2020

Today’s edition of the Agent On Duty podcast originates from a story published in the Washington Post about real estate agent Rob Adams who gave away 2,500 meals for Thanksgiving this year.

Thanksgiving’s Heroes

Rob has an inspiring story. He talks about how his family was homeless when he was growing up and now that he’s a successful real estate agent, he started a non-profit which gives away Thanksgiving meals every year. Rob started a nonprofit organization called Thanksgiving’s Heroes which distributes the meals every year.

You never know the positive impact you can have on someone’s life by the good things you do for other people – and all the good that can come from that impact!

Listen to Rob’s story, be inspired, and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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