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Radon Gas and Mold – Testing and Remediation

Episode 16: Radon Gas and Mold – Testing and Remediation

Below are the show notes and transcription for Episode 16

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Radon Gas

Episode Transcript 016 – Episode 16: Radon Gas and Mold – Testing and Remediation

Welcome to another episode of the agent on duty podcast.

I am John Marion and I am the agent on duty. This podcast is devoted to talking about real estate in practical ways.

The tips and information I deliver in each episode is designed to help you understand issues you may encounter when buying, owning, or selling a home. Thanks for joining me today.

This is episode 16 today. I’m going to address two health and safety issues. Brought up by an agent on duty podcast fan in Batesburg, South Carolina.


Hi, this is Becca Marian calling from Batesburg, SC. I’m wondering about a couple of health related questions about real estate. I was wondering how do you test for radon and is there a way to mediate that and create a safer environment if you do have high radon levels in a home. And then is there a way to test for mold and remediate that as well in a home?  Is there a way to take care of that easily and what resources you have to offer in that area? Thank you.

[Complete transcript will be uploaded later]

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