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3 Frustrating Features Finding Homes Online

Episode 11: 3 Frustrating Features Finding Homes Online

Below are the show notes and transcription for episode 11.

Real Estate Brokerage Website Examples

You can avoid the frustrations mentioned on today’s podcast episode by using a real estate brokerage site instead of the popular sites online. I’m posting links to my brokerage sites so you can see an example of what I mean.

My RE/MAX Website

My Real Estate Team Home Search Site

Episode Transcript 011 – 3 Frustrating Features Finding Homes Online Problem Solved

Welcome to another episode of the Agent On Duty podcast. I’m John Marion and I am the Agent On Duty. This is Episode 11.

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In today’s episode I’m talking about the solution to 3 Frustrating Features Finding Homes Online. I regularly get messages from exasperated people who are looking for information about homes they see online.

Listen for some INSIDE INFO when I talk about Frustrating Feature number 3. You may be surprised at what you hear. Now. Let’s get right into the top 3 Frustrating Features Finding Homes Online.

Number 1. Incorrect Status.

Incorrect Status. When I talk about the status of a home online, I’m talking about if it is truly available for sale or not. When you see a home for sale online, it may NOT actually be available for sale.

That’s right. Let me explain.

Upcoming or Recent Sale

The home could have been for sale recently, but is currently under contract with a buyer who is scheduled to finalize the purchase soon. It is no longer available for viewing. And the status will be updated sometime in the near future.

Or, in some cases, depending on a number of factors, it could have sold a while back and the status never was changed or corrected. In this example, you are seeing a home that appears to be available for sale but has actually just been sold or is currently under contract and will be sold shortly.


But here is another example. You will see homes online that have not been for sale and are not for sale now and will not be available for sale any time soon. This happens especially with homes labeled as a FORCLOSURE. And this happens all the time.

In the case of a home labeled as a foreclosure, what happens most of the time is the property gets flagged when the lender that holds the mortgage for the property sends the owner a foreclosure notice because they are behind on making their mortgage payments.

For the foreclosure notice to have any credibility, the mortgage holder must begin the process by giving public notice of foreclosure weeks in advance. Because the foreclosure notice is part of the public records in the county courthouse, the property gets flagged by some real estate websites and posted as a FORCLOSURE.

This makes you think that the home is a foreclosure. But it’s not a foreclosure. It’s not owned by the bank. It’s not available for sale at a deep discount. In fact, it’s not available for sale, period. And it’s not available for a showing for you to go view the property.

In most cases, the home owner gets caught up on the mortgage payments but the status as a foreclosure is not changed or corrected in a timely manner online. This happens a lot.

Summary of Incorrect Status

So this is the number 1 frustrating feature about finding homes for sale online. You will see homes that appear to be available for sale, but they are not.  Stay tuned for solutions to this problem and how you can avoid this frustration. I’ll give the solutions after the 3rd Frustrating Feature Finding Homes Online.

But let’s get into the 2nd Frustrating Feature Finding Homes Online.

Number 2. Old Photographs.

Old Photographs. That’s right. Even great looking, professional photos that look new online may be old photos. They could be photos from when the home was sold to the current owner years ago. These are photos of the home before the current owner moved into the house.

They could be photos that the current owner uploaded online sometime in the past for whatever reason. Maybe they were thinking of doing a For Sale By Owner so they uploaded photos. Or maybe they wanted to upload photos to replace even older photos that were showing up online.

In these cases, when the property is listed for sale with a real estate broker, the photos online are not necessarily updated with the current photos that the broker and agent are actually using to market the property for sale now. The photos you see online may be outdated, old photos.

I know this sounds crazy, but stay tuned for the solution to this Frustrating Feature Finding Homes Online.

Now, let’s talk about the 3rd Frustrating Feature Finding Homes Online.

Number 3. The Wrong Agent.

When you see a property for sale online, you will often see a photo of a real estate agent and their contact info right there with the property details. This gives the impression that the agent shown online with the home for sale is the agent who is representing the seller. But in most cases the agent you see is not the seller’s agent.

So you can easily call or send a message to that agent who is not the agent you think it is. And you ask that agent about the home but it’s obvious the agent doesn’t know about the home off the top of their head. And you get frustrated because you can’t understand why the agent isn’t knowledgeable about the home.

Inside Info Revealed

I’m going to give you some INSIDE INFORMATION right now. The agents you see online with any particular property are buyer’s agents who can and want to represent you as a buyer in the purchase of any home available for sale. So keep that in mind when you call about a property you see online. In most cases, you are not calling the Broker who listed the property for sale.

I talk to some buyers who only want to talk directly to each particular Broker who has the property directly listed for sale on the Multiple Listing Service. That is hard to do, but if you as a buyer only want to talk to the Broker who has the listing for each house you see for sale, you will have to do a lot of extra research. You normally won’t find that information easily online without taking extra steps. And this will cause you even more frustration! First the agents you see online with a property are not the listing agents, and second, finding the listing agent directly will require you to take extra steps to get information that is not found easily without direct access to the Multiple Listing Service itself.

What Are the Solutions?

Let’s talk about a few solutions to these 3 Frustrating Features Finding Homes Online. You may have guessed where I’m going with this and I’ll explain everything right now. I actually have two solutions to suggest.

Solution One.

Get on a website of a Brokerage that has lot’s of agents in the area you want to buy. I like the websites of well-known Brokerage firms with a strong presence in the area. These often are nationally known companies, regional companies, or maybe a hyper local brokerage firm.

All these brokerages have a local presence in the area. For example, if you search for RE/MAX with the name of the city, you will immediately be connected with their brokerage website. The reason I like the websites of these companies, is that you will avoid at least the first two Frustrating Features Finding Homes Online. The status of properties you see will be correct. If not 100% correct every minute, the status of every property will be correct way more, WAY MORE, than you typically find online with popular websites. And you will totally avoid the marketing of homes to you that are not for sale, like the fake foreclosures I talked about earlier.

Solution Two.

Find the best buyer’s agent you can. If you want to do that online, here are two ways to do it:

First, that brokerage website I mentioned will have buyer’s agents ready and available to help you and to make sure your online experience is fantastic.

Second, call the random buyer’s agents I mentioned earlier, the wrong agent for the property you saw online. Talk to more than one of them. Hopefully you will find one that will be super helpful to you.

But I like the idea of finding the buyer’s agent from the local brokerage office website I mentioned in solution one.


I hope you found this episode about the solution for ending 3 Frustrating Features Finding Homes Online helpful to you.

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