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Investor Services

We are specialists in real estate investment property.

You are going to like our full range of real estate estate brokerage services for investors.

You benefit in lots of ways:

  • Finding you real deals (not the phony “investor specials” pushed by agents and wanna-be wholesalers)
  • In-house investor networking and education (attend our FREE meetups!)
  • Solid data to help you run the numbers (rental and sales comps, CAP rate, ROI)
  • Handyman, vendor and contractor connections
  • Referrals for funding your deals (inc. line of credit, hard money, and traditional bank loans)
  • Investor friendly agents, attorneys, and other real estate pros
  • Creative and comprehensive deal strategies (assignment of contract, double closings, subject-to, lease purchase and more) 
  • Rental property management (learn more here)
  • Elimination of landlord headaches (no more tenant drama)
  • Turn-key property renovation management (we get your property rent OR re-sale ready ASAP)

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Invest With Confidence!

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